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Paintings by artists including:
  • Harold Thomas (1947-     ): The delicate expressive watercolours of Harold Thomas are included in galleries and private collections in Australia and overseas. Harold Thomas is the Aboriginal artist whom history has long recognised as the designer of the Aboriginal flag, an emblem which has become a symbol of Australian art.
  • Ray Hurst: The popularity of artist Ray Hurst, of the Biripi people in Taree, New South Wales, has left no shortage of demand for his works. Perhaps the most auspicious owner of a Hurst is the government of the United States, who in April, 2011 accepted a piece by Hurst on behalf of the American people.  The work was a hand carved, traditional boomerang from the wood of a thousand year old Huon pine. Hurst has an enviable reputation for his vibrant and intricate paintings.
  • Albert Namatjira (1955-     ) Aboriginal water colour artist from the Mt Hermannsburg region of central Australia. Grandson of Albert Namatjira.

                    TITLE:      Lagoon With Magpie Geese 

                    ARTIST:    Harold Thomas

                    IMAGE:     104cm x 75cm

                    PRICE:       POA

  TITLE:       Magpie Geese
                    (Watercolour - Ref 4)

  ARTIST:    Harold Thomas

  IMAGE:      37cm x 28cm

  PRICE:       SOLD

  TITLE:        Water Birds (Ref - 5)

  ARTIST:     Harold Thomas

  IMAGE:      37cm x 26cm

  PRICE:        SOLD

                TITLE:         Water Birds
                                    (Watercolour - Ref 3)

                ARTIST:       Harold Thomas

                IMAGE:         36cm x 26cm

                PRICE:          POA

               TITLE:         Waterbirds
                                   (Watercolour - Ref 6)

               ARTIST:      Harold Thomas

               IMAGE:        37cm x 26cm

               PRICE:        POA

                   TITLE:          Waterbirds
                                         (Watercolour - Ref 7)

                  ARTIST:       Harold Thomas

                  IMAGE:         36cm x 26cm

                  PRICE:          POA

TITLE:          Subliminal Vision

ARTIST:       Trevor Deshong

IMAGE:        76cm x 51cm

PRICE:           POA

TITLE:           Seeing

ARTIST:        Trevor Deshong

IMAGE:          76cm x 51cm

PRICE:           POA

TITLE:            Birth of a Baby
                        (Oil on canvas)

ARTIST:         Glenys Porter

IMAGE:          56.5cm x 45cm

PRICE:            POA

              TITLE:        Stepping Forward Together
                                  Oil on canvas 1995

              ARTIST:     Elizabeth Dgandilga (Elcho Island)

              IMAGE:       33cm x 26cm

              PRICE:        POA

              TITLE:        Turtle
                                  Oil on Canvas 1995

             ARTIST:      Elizabeth Djandilga (Elcho Island)

             IMAGE:        33cm x 26cm

             PRICE:        POA

 TITLE:           Crab
                        Oil on Canvas 1995 (Ref B42)

 ARTIST:        Elizabeth Djandilga (Elcho Island)

  IMAGE:         33cm x 26cm

  PRICE:          POA

                             ARTIST:          Allan Keriernaui

                             TITLE:             Emu (Tiwi Island)

                              IMAGE:           104cm x 33cm

                              PRICE:            POA

   ARTIST:    Ray Hurst
   TITLE:       Wingham Brush (Grey headed flying fox)

   IMAGE:      91cm x 61cm

   PRICE:       SOLD

    TITLE:         Landscape (Ref 2)

    ARTIST:     Albert Namatjira (Jnr)

    IMAGE:      27.5cm x 19cm

    PRICE:       POA

    TITLE:         Landscape (Ref 3)

    ARTIST:      Albert Namatjira (Jnr)

    IMAGE:       27 x 19.25cm

    PRICE:        POA

    TITLE:        Landscape (Ref 7)

    ARTIST:     Albert Namatjira (Jnr)

    IMAGE:     27cm x 19.5cm

    PRICE:       POA

             TITLE:       Portrait

             ARTIST:    Ernest Hamilton Watkins

             IMAGE:     31cm x 26cm

             PRICE:       POA

             TITLE:     Dingo Tracks at Waterhole Place '98
                             (Traditional ochre pigments on canvas)

              ARTIST:  John Smith (Gombola)

              IMAGE:   50cm x 40cm

              PRICE:     POA

                TITLE:     Bush Moon (mixed media)

               ARTIST:  Ron Craig

               IMAGE:   47cm x 37cm (71cm x 61cm framed)

               PRICE:     POA